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The criminal justice system is a complex world that is not always friendly to the inexperienced lawyer.  It is constantly changing and evolving and a lawyer must work hard to stay ahead of the legal game.  When you’ve been charged with a criminal offense you need the very best criminal lawyer by your side.  Albert Flores is such a lawyer.

Remember that being charged with a crime is a serious matter that can greatly impact your life and the people around you. Every case must be properly investigated and evaluated because no criminal charge is exactly the same.  The best advice an accused individual can follow is that they choose the most highly qualified criminal attorney they can find.  It can make the difference between having a case dismissed or suffering life-changing penalties and severe consequences.

At the Law Office of Albert Flores, serving San Antonio, TX, our criminal attorneys are committed to protecting and defending the rights, privacy and the dignity of businesses and individuals suspected or accused of serious crimes. Attorney Albert Flores offers his vast experience and knowledge criminal trial law and appeals in each client's representation. Attorney Albert A. Flores has worked with numerous Federal Judges, Assistant United States Attorney’s, FBI Agents, DEA Agents, United States Border Patrol, U.S. Customs, U.S. Marshalls, Secret Service Agents, and Federal Probation Officers; he is well versed in their investigative methods and techniques. It is this experience that can make the difference in your case.  As your criminal defense lawyer we will treat you with compassion and guide you through the ins and outs of the Criminal Court system.

criminal defense attorney San Antonio, TX A Criminal Defense Attorney – Federal & Texas Criminal Defense

At the Law Office of Albert Flores, we handle a broad range of criminal cases, including felonies, misdemeanors, state and federal crimes, and everything else in-between. Attorney Flores stays up-to-date with all of the most recent changes in state, local, and federal rules of court.  In the role of criminal defense attorney, he has extensive knowledge and experience handling:

  • Federal Drug Conspiracies
  • Transportation of Illegal Aliens
  • Bank Fraud/Wire Fraud
  • Illegal Pornography
  • Illegal Reentry
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Deadly Weapons
  • Aggravated Sexual Assault – Child Sexual Assault
  • Money Laundering
  • Murder
  • Delivery of Controlled Substances
  • Possession of Controlled Substances
  • DWI / DUI Defense
  • State & Federal Appeals
  • Motions for New Trial
  • Shock Probation
  • Writs of Habeas Corpus
  • Federal 2255 Motions
  • Motions to Suppress

We Handle All Felonies and Misdemeanors in State and Federal Courtcriminal lawyer San Antonio, TX

Are you or a loved one facing DUI charges? DUI charges should not be taken lightly. A conviction can involve jail time, fines, higher insurance premiums, a license suspension or revocation, mandatory alcohol education, treatment, vehicle confiscation, ignition interlock, and can affect employment. DUI lawyers that focus on DWI/DUI charges can make a huge difference in your case. Whether you are in need of DUI lawyers for a first DUI offense, second DUI offense, or you were charged with a DWI with an accident, Law Office of Albert Flores will work hard to defend and protect your rights.

Selecting the best criminal defense attorney can be a challenge. It takes an experienced criminal lawyer to  reduce criminal charges or to eliminate or lower jail time. At our office, we will investigate your case and develop the most solid defense strategies to give you the best possible outcome. Attorney Albert Flores was selected by his peers as San Antonio’s Best Lawyers in the categories – Criminal Law and White Collar Criminal Law from 2009 - 2013.

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

federal fraud lawyer San Antonio, TX When you are being accused or investigated for a major crime, who will you trust to protect and defend your liberties and rights? As a top federal fraud lawyer, Attorney Albert Flores is experienced in all levels of criminal investigations.  He is licensed to practice by the Supreme Court of Texas, Federal Court for the Western District of Texas, Federal Court for the Southern District of Texas, United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. In the realm of federal criminal defense, the federal fraud lawyer can travel to any Federal court in the U.S.

When you need the best criminal defense lawyer, call The Law Office of Albert Flores for your FREE consultation. We fight aggressively and represent you in all aspects of criminal law. We also offer EMERGENCY/AFTER HOURS CALLS at (210) 602-6144. To learn more about San Antonio’s criminal defense attorney, please visit: or call (210) 225-4006. For the best federal defense attorney and for sound legal advice, call our law office today.

Products & Services

The Law Office of Albert Flores serves the San Antonio, TX area with quality criminal lawyers and criminal defense lawyers. The criminal attorneys at the law office offer services for DWI/DUI, drug possession, money laundering, sexual assault, possession of a weapon, murder and other criminal offenses. When you are in need of an experienced criminal defense attorney, rely on the team at The Law Office of Albert Flores. We offer free consultations and have emergency/after hour help.

When you or a loved one are in trouble and need legal help, call us.

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  • Aggravated Sexual Assault – Child Sexual Assault Attorney
  • Money Laundering Attorney
  • Federal Drug Conspiracy Attorney
  • Delivery Of Controlled Substances Attorney
  • Transportation Of Illegal Aliens Attorney
  • Possession Of Controlled Substances Attorney

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The Law Office of Albert Flores

Top credentials:
Wed Aug 06 16:15:00 EDT 2014

Albert Flores is a former magistrate judge who was recently voted among the best criminal attorneys in San Antonio. If you've been charged with a crime, call (210) 225-4006 and you'll soon see why. 

Get serious:
Wed Jul 23 16:14:00 EDT 2014

Being charged with any kind of crime is a serious matter than can affect the rest of your life. Call us at (210) 225-4006 and get an experienced attorney on your side. 

Clear the record:
Wed Jul 02 14:32:00 EDT 2014

Do you have a prior conviction holding you back in life? Call Albert Flores at (210) 225-4006 and discuss how to go about getting it removed. 

Federal cases:
Wed Jun 18 14:30:00 EDT 2014

Trying federal cases are very different from trying others. Albert Flores has years of experience in Federal Court and knows what to expect. If you find yourself charged with a federal crime, call (210) 225-4006.

We're always here:
Thu May 29 10:27:00 EDT 2014

Our legal assistance goes beyond the regular work day with emergency and after-hours help as well. Call (210) 225-4006 to learn more. 

Experience Counts:
Thu May 15 10:22:00 EDT 2014

When you've been charged with a crime, especially a felony, it can affect the rest of your life. You need the very best, most experienced defense attorney fighting for you. Call us at (210) 225-4006 to get started. 

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Tue Apr 29 16:24:00 EDT 2014

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Mon Mar 31 10:56:00 EDT 2014

When you are being accused or investigated for a major crime, trust us to protect and defend your liberties and rights.

Mon Mar 17 10:56:00 EDT 2014

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Cropped DeskLa oficina del abogado Alberto Flores es un despacho de Abogados Penalistas con su oficina principal en San Antonio, Texas.  Tenemos oficinas en Mc Allen y en Austin, Texas.  En casos federales, viajamos a todo el territorio dentro de los Estados Unidos.


El abogado principal es Alberto Flores, un abogado penalista con una exitosa trayectoria profesional en la defensa y representación de cientos de casos penales.  Ha sido juez magistrado y abogado especial seleccionado para representar acusados en casos de pena de muerte a nivel federal.


El abogado Flores es un profesional, sumamente dedicado al derecho penal. Nos ocupamos de todo tipo de delitos y contamos con una amplia experiencia en la resolución de procedimientos criminales en las diferentes instancias penales. Durante años hemos ayudado a nuestros clientes a resolver sus problemas jurídicos, peleando a su lado en todo momento, por muy difícil que parezca su situación. 


Tenemos experiencia en casos de:


Robo   Fraude          Violencia Domestica          DWI              Homicidio


Asesinato                Delitos Fiscales                  Investigacion 


Transporte de Ilegales/Indocumentados             Drogas/Conspiracion


Contrabando            Abuso sexual mayor o menor         Trafico de drogas


Violacion                Asalto                                   Pornografia Ilegal


Todos casos Federales y Estatales.


A travez de los anos, emos forjado una reputación de no abandonar jamás, no aceptar nunca la derrota y tratar a nuestros clientes como personas únicas a las que debemos dar una solución individual y dedicar el máximo esfuerzo. Por eso trabajamos sin descanso junto a Usted para obtener un buen resultado. Combinando el entendimiento de su caso, el profundo conocimiento de la ley estamos convencidos de que encontraremos la mejor salida para su situación. 

La experiencia nos muestra que contar con la asistencia de un abogado penal con las habilidades estratégicas que hemos acumulado a lo largo de numerosos litigios penales serán su ayuda fundamental y decisiva.  Evite la carcel, conozca sus derechos y llámenos y lucharemos por Usted.


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  • Licensed to practice by the Supreme Court of Texas
  • Federal Court for the Western District of Texas
  • Federal Court for the Southern District of Texas
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
  • Texas Bar Association
  • San Antonio Bar Association
  • San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Federal Criminal Justice Act A+ Panel Attorney
  • Federal Death Penalty Counsel-representation before the Capital Crimes Unit at the United States Department of Justice Top Lawyer Criminal Defense Scene in SA Magazine 2009-2013
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